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Civil Litigation can be defined by both public and private legal disputes which normally involve a large sum of money and require the assistance of the Courts in order to resolve any discrepancies. In the most common cases, this money is in the form of compensation which is owed for a variety of reasons e.g. due to any damages that have been caused to reputation from defamation. At Cathedral Chambers, we have a experienced Civil Litigation barristers who provide the highest quality service to both individuals and organisations on a private fee paying basis. Due to the broad area of law surrounding civil cases, our barristers are available to assist you in a variety of areas which involve financial discrepancies on a larger scale. Due to the complexities that can be affiliated with Civil Litigation, it is essential that you receive expert legal advice at your earliest convenience in order to build the strongest possible case. Our barristers will be available to guide you through the legal process.


David Carmichael

David Carmichael, Barrister at Law

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Geoff Knowles, Barrister at Law

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